Gaelscoil ilchreidmheach i mBaile Locha Riach – Multidenominational primary school in Loughrea

In onóir do Seamus Heaney

Éist le Rang 4 agus 5 ag rá an dáin “The Diviner”, le Seamus Heaney.

Listen to R4 and 5 reciting “The Diviner” by Seamus Heaney.

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Cut from the green hedge a forked hazel stick
That he held tight by the arms of the V:
Circling the terrain, hunting the pluck
Of water, nervous, but professionally

Unfussed. The pluck came sharp as a sting.
The rod jerked down with precise convulsions,
Spring water suddenly broadcasting
Through a green aerial its secret stations.

The bystanders would ask to have a try.
He handed them the rod without a word.
It lay dead in their grasp till nonchalantly
He gripped expectant wrists. The hazel stirred.

Seamus Heaney.

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