Gaelscoil ilchreidmheach i mBaile Locha Riach – Multidenominational primary school in Loughrea

Alice Perry


  • Alice Perry(1855-1969) graduated from Queens College Galway (now nui galway)
  • She was the first woman in Ireland and Great Britain to be given a degree in engineering. There is a possibilty that she was the first in the world.
  • Her and her sisters moved to London in 1908 as inspectors of lady’s factories (factories that employed women).
  • She moved back to Galway after the death of her father and she took his place as county surveyor (county engineer).
  • Her brother founded the Electric Light Company. This company generated electricity in Loughrea and built houses in Victoria Terrace, Barrack St. Loughrea.
  • She married an englishman who served in the British army.
  • After six months of taking over her father’s work they decided she couldn’t have the job permanently because of her age and lack of experience
  • She then moved with her husband back to London.
  • After two years of living in London her husband died in action during the First World War.
  • After that she moved to the U.S where she lived for 45 years.
  • The fact remains that she was the first woman in Ireland and Great Britain as a county serveyor with a degree in engineering.

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