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Angela Merkel

  • Angela Merkel is the German chancellor (a chancellor is the same as a taoiseach or prime minister). She was born on the 17 July 1954 in Hamburg Germany. She is now 57.
  • She studied physics from 1973 to 1978 in the University of Leipzig
  • She worked and studied at the Central Institute for Physical Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences in Berlin from 1978 to 1990.
  • She wrote a thesis and was awarded a doctorate for it.
  • She was also the first woman to be a German chancellor
  • She was elected in 2005 and then was re-elected in 2009. Her term will end in 2013.
  • Angela Merkel married Ulrich Merkel a physics student in 1977. In 1982 the marriage ended in divorce.
  • She married Joachim Sauer on the 30 December 1998.
  • She has no children but Sauer has two adult boys.
  • Her maiden name is Kasner.

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