Gaelscoil ilchreidmheach i mBaile Locha Riach – Multidenominational primary school in Loughrea

Show in Galway

Rang 3, 4, 5 and 6 went to the show “Echoa” on the 11/10/10. It was in the Black Box Theatre in Galway. It was a show with music and dance. The story was told in seven different parts. Some parts were very funny. There were three men and one woman in the show and they made different sounds by slapping each other. They also had some percussion instruments such as drums, xylophone and lots more. It was a great show and we would recommend it to everyone in Ireland and around the globe. We would give it 9/10 because it was a fantastic show.

By Sorsha, Caron and Clár.

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